August 13, 2014


Rita Ora Talks Working with Iggy Azalea on "Black Widow" Video

After revealing to Top 20 Countdown that her upcoming video with Iggy Azalea involves Kill Bill-inspired swordfightingRita Ora shed more light on the highly anticipated "Black Widow" production. Sitting down with Fuse host Esteban Serrano, the British songstress recalled how intense the two days of "straight martial arts training" were.

"It was us learning how to hold a sword, and it was so difficult. It's like a dance choreography—you've got to know when the guy's about to hit you, so you don't get knocked out. We put a lot of time into this video; we wanted it to be right," Ora said. "We didn't want to be two badasses that weren't really badasses."

And despite Azalea's puppy "weeing" all over the set, the two divas had a blast training together.

Ora also emphasized that "Black Widow" is more like a movie than a music video, boasting a full narrative featuring Azalea as the cafe waitress, Ora as the disrespected and angry girlfriend and actor Michael Madsen has the boyfriend with the wandering eye.

"It's an amazing thing where two girls click, and then we just...mess him up," Ora explained, referring to the video's major fight scene that has both ladies teaming up against Madsen.

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