August 27, 2014


Jennifer Hudson Explains 'JHUD' Album Title

For most artists, naming your album comes from a deeply personal place. But Jennifer Hudson found her JHUD album title outside herself.

"The fans actually ended up naming the album," the Chi-town singer says. "Everywhere I go, people are like, 'Oh, that's JHud!' When I came in here today, it was like, 'Oh that's JHud! That's JHud!' So, it came to me. 

"This album reflects me as a person. Not Jennifer Hudson, the persona, the image, the figure. But JHud, the girl."

The fans also saw the singer getting emotional in the studio on Instagram and Hudson revealed they'll be getting the GRAMMY winner's unfiltered emotions on the new album, too. 

"Anything I do, it comes from a personal space and an emotional place," she says while describing album closer "Moan." "That actual Instagram, with me in tears, was me recording a song in dedication to my mom. She used to tell us, 'If something hurts, moaning makes it feel better.' And the song is called 'Moan.' That was my natural reaction and emotion to the song. And in this album, I want you to feel all that. When you hear the tears in my voice or me telling my story, it's real."

Ms. JHud also detailed new track "Bring Back the Music," which serves as a theme for the entire LP. 

"It's a statement, overall," she explains. "From beginning to end, I'm taking you on this musical journey, but at the end of the day, I'm bringing you back to base. It's like, bring back the music: I'm reminding everyone what music means to us, how powerful it is, how we've all been affected and how we all connect with it."

Watch the full interview above for more from JHud on JHUD, including how her new haircut and style is inspiring her attitude. Don't miss her wax on working with R. Kelly in this exclusive interview right here.