August 22, 2014


Watch Chris Martin Rock Inflatable Suit & Perform Ballet In The "True Love" Video

"True Love" is the emotional third single from Coldplay's latest full-length, Ghost Stories. Frontman Chris Martin croons in the chorus, and basically begs his beloved to keep him in the dark in order to hold onto a relationship: "So tell me you love me / And if you don't then lie / Lie to me." Heavy stuff, perhaps about his recent divorce?

The music video is a shade lighter. Literally. Martin's floating around in an inflatable body suit.

It opens with an attractive woman in an inflatable body suit auditioning for a ballet. She's insulted and alienated because of her size, but decides to see the performance anyway. She cries. After the show, Chris Martin, also in beach ball-esque attire, dances on stage and together, they find love. Awwww!

Watch the adorable clip above.