August 18, 2014


Chris Martin Talks EDM Hit "Sky Full Of Stars" & Filming Its Chaotic Music Video

Coldplay's latest album, Ghost Stories, often feels like a concept album tracing the journey to frontman Chris Martin's recent divorce. The record isn't all downward spirals and love-is-dead diatribes, though. "Sky Full Of Stars," the band's first EDM song and unexpected collaboration with Avicii, is all joy and movement. In this Fuse exclusive, Martin talks about how the song came to be and recalls the music video shoot. Disclaimer: it gets messy!

"Live, the song 'Sky Full Of Stars' is marvelous," he grins. "It makes me feel amazing. Its role in the album we just made, Ghost Stories, is important because it's essentially an EDM song but the 'e' kind of stands for 'emotional' dance music. What that song represents to me on Ghost Stories is the release after you've climbed a mountain or accomplished anything challenging. That's why that song is sort of unashamedly happy and danceable, because that's what it needed to be. It's funny, because I love singing it. I know we didn't break the mold in terms of anything, really, but it's just so fun to play."

Filming the music video for the hit single proved to be ... challenging. "The 'Sky Full Of Stars' video is one-and-a-half takes," he explains. "We only managed two-and-a-half takes at all because we came up with the idea about three days before, and then we made the mistake of tweeting where we were going to be to make it. We thought 'Oh, some people who like our band will come down and help us for the end of the video, where we turn the corner and there are loads of people cheering!' Being slightly naive, we forgot that that would tell everybody exactly where we'll be and what we'll be doing. When we got there to shoot it was just chaos: some people extremely happy to see us there, some people just not very happy to see us there. There were paparazzi in every frame! 

"We thought, 'This is never going to work!'" he continues. "We tried this thing of asking nicely if they would let us do one take, just clean. We did one take where all the press and everyone could do whatever they wanted, jump in the shot and jump out of the shot. Then they all left. They let us do it. It gave me so much faith in human nature."

Seems unlikely, right? The Coldplay frontman has an answer for that, too, joking, "Part of being British is that you don't ever expect anyone to show up ... even if something is sold out." Ha!

Watch the exclusive interview above and the official video below!