August 12, 2014


Chris Martin Shows His Admiration for Rihanna's Voice, One Direction

Since their late-'90s start, Coldplay have kept their inner circle of collaborators tight, shying away other superstars. But if there's one person who's successfully broken into their posse, Chris Martin tells us it's Rihanna.

"I think the next time we do [collaborate with an artist], it will hopefully be with Rihanna again," he says of his "Princess of China" duet partner. "This might sound weird, but I really like writing for her. I don't know why. I just love her voice so much ... Sometimes when I'm trying to get outside of myself, it's nice to try and think about what Rihanna might want to sing." 

We're hoping that means Martin's penned a track or two or five for Rih's upcoming album.

And while Coldplay leads the British arena rock scene, the singer/songwriter says he also has big admiration for his country's reigning boy band.

"One Direction are just the biggest thing on Earth," he says, before adding with a laugh: "They're doing so much better than we are! 

"My advice is: Just keep being awesome. The world always needs a great boy band and I think they're up there with the best of the boy bands."

Watch the full interview to hear Chris wax poetic on pop stars above.