August 19, 2014


Chris Martin: The Quintessential Coldplay Song is "The One That No One's Heard Yet"

Coldplay have been a band since 1996, making them a group that's been at it for nearly two decades. For fans new and old, that's a lot of hits to navigate—so what's the best one to start with when you're making a pivotal Coldplay playlist? "I think it's between 'Clocks,' 'Yellow,' 'Fix You,' 'Viva La Vida,' and 'Paradise,'" frontman Chris Martin tells Fuse.

If he can't make up his mind about a quintessential Coldplay track, is there a quintessential Coldplay album? "The one that no one's heard yet," he starts. "We're always trying to write the quintessential, that's why you keep going. Some kids on the beach yesterday only knew 'A Sky Full Of Stars,' so with each album it's a different set of people say[ing] a different thing which, by the way, is the biggest blessing. I was so thrilled these kids yesterday were like seven and six. It was amazing and I'm nearly 90 to them. 'It's that old man that does that song!'"

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