July 28, 2014


Shawn Mendes Talks Fan Interaction & Writing Songs About Pizza

Shawn Mendes was first discovered through Vine, where he posted covers and original content in 6-second bytes that made the ladies swoon. The result was a quick climb up the success ladder, something Mendes is the first to recognize. "This is all happening so fast," the young singer told Fuse. "A few months ago I wasn’t this popular and people didn’t know about my music, and now all of the sudden there are screaming girls down the block. They’re singing my songs live. It’s unbelievable."

To show his appreciation, Mendes takes to social media and stays connected with the people responsible for his success. "One of the biggest things is staying in contact with my fans—very intimate contact. If I let people take over my Twitter and talk to the fans themselves ... you don’t have that strength that I have between them. I’m just asking them questions and DMing them," he stated. "It’s about staying very connected with them which I think Austin [Mahone] does very well. I think it’s a big thing to do with his success."

Mendes also told Fuse about the time he wrote a song about ... pizza? "I was with Hoodie and Ed Sheeran and we were just chilling in a room, playing some chords," he continued. "Hoodie started rapping. We were waiting for a pizza which never came because my manager messed up on the pizza delivery. We were really hungry and just talking about all the good things about pizza … maybe I should record it. It’s funny."

He really should! Watch the exclusive interview above.