June 18, 2014


Watch Psy Perform "Gangnam Style" in Gangnam for the First Time Ever

This was no "hangover" party! "Gangnam Style" star Psy wrote the song for the Seoul district but never performed the track in the song's namesake... until now.

Taking to the stage 6 a.m. Wednesday morning at a 2014 World Cup Games celebration, Psy delighted fans with a eight song set. South Korean fans lined up, expecting to hear his recent collaboration with rapper Snoop Dogg. Instead, they got something much greater. "I won't be singing my recently released song today. I can't sing about hangovers when cheering for our national team," the singer announced on stage. "I feel a great responsibility, though, because 'Hangover' has been so loved despite its early release. I appear before you doing what I need to do where I need to be. I've been cheering for the World Cup since 2002, but it's so early in the morning. You are the most innocent looking audiences I've ever had." He laughed and launched into the massive hit. 

This is not the end: Psy also promised to make additional appearances if Korea advances to the next round. Good luck, guys!

Watch the clip above!