May 15, 2014


Against Me!'s Laura Jane Grace Once Paid Screech 10 Bucks for an Autograph

You may know Against Me!'s Laura Jane Grace as the powerful frontwoman of one of today's best punk bands - but her past isn't as hardcore as you might think. In the popular online series Kids Interview Bands, Grace and Atom Willard sat down before a recent show in Cleveland to answer some tough questions. Turns out Grace was a former Bayside High fan.

"I once paid Dustin Diamond, who plays Screech on Saved by the Bell $10.00 for an autograph," she admitted. "Whenever I see a celebrity, I have no shame in going up and asking them for a picture or to sign something."


It wasn't all about throwback '90s TV shows - Grace also details the time she waited around after a Rancid show to get them to sign her stub. Check out the interview above for more insights that professional music journalists don't have the courage to ask.