May 12, 2014


4 Non Blondes Reunite, Play "What's Up" for First Time in 20 Years

Considering Linda Perry's spent the last decade slamming 4 Non Blondes' signature 1992 hit "What's Up," it was a huge surprise that Perry and her former bandmates reunited over the weekend to play that karaoke classic together for the first time in 20 years.

Even more shocking, Perry managed to make the endlessly covered, overplayed song sound as vital and ferocious as when it hit the radio 22 years ago. You can watch it above, and keep an ear open for her shout-out to celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck.

Perry performed the classic tune at Saturday night's "An Evening With Women" fundraiser for the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center, which ended up netting $600,000.

Later that night, the center's CEO took a hard stance against the Sultan of Brunei, who is trying to make it legal to stone gay people and adulterers to death in his country. Her exhortation that "all of civilized society should reject this man" holds plenty of relevance for the music world: the Sultan's infamous son, the playboy Prince of Brunei, regularly hosts Hollywood and musical elites from Michael Jackson to Mariah Carey at his birthday parties. It's a safe bet that moving forward, no A-lister can attend that event without someone asking what's going on.