May 5, 2014


Usher Goes Shirtless, Plays the Drums in Sultry "Good Kisser" Video

UPDATE (5/5): The full video for Usher's "Good Kisser" is here! The R&B superstar shows some skin—he's topless for much of the video—and hits the skins (as in, the drums) while a variety of sultry ladies lick their lips behind him. 

Singing to one (or all?) of them, Usher says, "Nobody kiss it like you," which is pretty ewww, but the Prince & the New Power Generation vibes of this song are helping us overlook that. Watch it above. 

4/30 Story: Usher promised us he'd drop new music at the top of 2014, and the R&B mastermind is staying true to his word—a new Ush jam is finally here! Sorta! On May 30, Usher unleashed a 41-second tease of his new song/video called "Good Kisser," and it's giving off serious Michael Jackson vibes. 

Visually, at least. Musically, he almost sounds like his protégé Justin Bieber on this track. With whistles, finger snaps and the slow build, "Good Kisser" recalls "Boyfriend" down to the shot of a thumping subwoofer.

But moves-wise, Usher is leagues ahead of what JB can do. He shows off his MJ-styled footwork and fashion in a clip that's got us very hungry for more. Watch it below.

BTW, note the neon "XY" at the beginning of this video. Could that be the name of a new Usher album…?