April 11, 2014


Watch Drake Ask Random People If They Like Drake

From his emo Instagram account to his Bill Cosby-esque sweater collection, Drake certainly isn't a rapper people are afraid to poke fun at. When the Toronto MC appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night, the talk show host empathized, saying, "When you're in the public eye, sometimes it's hard to find out what people really think. In person, they're really nice because you could punch them. Online, they're not nice because you can't." So true. 

So Kimmel sent him out to find out what people really think. Dressed in a wig, beard and Ray Bans, Drizzy plays a reporter interviewing man-on-street guests about himself. The answers ranged from praise ("a great guy") to plain-old mean ("don't like him... at all") and one even questioning his most famous lyrics ("he says he 'came from the bottom,' which, most likely, he didn't"). 

The guests are more than willing to speak freely...that is, until Drake rips off the beard and glasses. 

Watch Drake meet his meet his critics face-to-face above and check out Drizzy's hilariously awkward interview with Saturday Night Live's Vanessa Bayer, where she suggests he change his name to "Graham Cracka."