April 14, 2014


Disclosure Want to Interject Songwriting Into Dance Music

Last year, Disclosure were the talk of  Coachella, riding high on a few singles and the feverish anticipation of their debut album Settle. They returned this past weekend for a victory lap and took a moment to talk to Fuse's Jack Osbourne about their dance-music philosophy these days.  

"We don't consider ourselves to be making EDM," they say. "Ours is more for house music. It's more bring songwriting into dance worlds; instead of a big build up, a drop, a big pyro explosion, it's more about the meaning of the song, the structure ... it's a little deeper."

The young British duo have certainly honed in on the songwriter tip recently, when R&B veteran Mary J. Blige offered to jump on a remix of their track "F for You."

"She approached us and said I want to do a cover of 'F for You,'" Disclosure's Guy Lawrence says. "She came back two to three weeks later and said she'd done a whole new version. We had to sift through 300 takes." 

Disclosure are currently hitting the festival circuit over the next several months - but Coachella might just be their favorite stopped. Why? "Definitely the weather and the amount of bikinis," Guy says.

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