February 12, 2014


U2 Fans Grope Bono in "Invisible" Video

Just when we thought Bono had finally taken his 24-7 oversized sunglasses, given up cultural ubiquity and dematerialized into the ether, he and the lads from U2 started winning all the awardsAll of them.

But their Mandela tribute "Ordinary Love" was not an anthemic swan song for the Irish rock band, as evidenced by the video for new single "Invisible." [Further evidence: U2 is set to release a full-length produced by Danger Mouse this Spring.] But back to "Invisible." The track is pure U2: aching vocals, that famous the Edge guitar-jangle, the perfect balance of pop sensibility and sleek, sanitized production. 

The guys clearly want this anthem to translate into an actual hit a la "Beautiful Day," and judging from the vid, Bono had an, "If you build it, they will come" mentality here. It's just the band performing at a fake concert (it was shot in a California hangar over a three day period) with screaming, wailing and head-scratchingly young fans who somehow know all the words to the not-yet-hit single.

But the most important takeaway from the black and white clip directed by Mark Romanek is that it's an unveiling of what appears to be Bono's never-materialized wet dream of being in Nirvana.

He headbangs (head-bobs). He screams. He crowdsurfs. He's groped by fans. He sings into a giant, futuristic circular LED microphone…