January 31, 2014


Enrique Iglesias & Pitbull Start Naked, Twerk-Heavy Party in "I'm a Freak" Video

Last year, Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" video racked up over a quarter billion YouTube views despite criticism that it was "misogynistic" and "kind of rapey." Still, the smooth R&B jam went on to be the biggest-selling song of the year. Just a month into 2014, we have Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull's "I'm a Freak" to rival Thicke's controversial visual.

The duo rage at a pool party packed with almost-naked girls—most of whom are either twerking or taking liquor shots to the face in bras and panties. Enrique spends most of the video huddled over the bum of a bodacious woman on all fours, at one point rubbing his face into her backside. Meanwhile, Pitbull takes shots and grinds with the ladies during his verse. 

FYI, the most degrading moment is in the final 30 seconds as Mr. 305 holds open the legs of a thong-clad gal spread-eagling over the pool's edge as Enrique looks on.

But it's not all sex and booze: Look out for a middle-aged mom who does her best to keep up with the kiddies along with a hilarious, chubby bear-dude cannonballing in a Speedo. 

To be fair, "I'm a Freak" is an undeniable party jam, and with lyrics like "From the hotel room to the DJ booth / On the bathroom sink / Yes, I'm just a freak," we couldn't exactly expect a wholesome vid for the whole family to enjoy. 

The track is lifted off Iglesias' upcoming bilingual album Love + Sex, out March 18. And if the dirty innuendo at the vid's conclusion wasn't obvious enough, this song clearly falls into the "Sex" section of the album.