December 8, 2013


Paul Rudd Is One Direction Super Fan

The inimitable Paul Rudd took on hosting duties for last night's Saturday Night Live and (unsurprisingly) glorious, hilarity ensued.

But he needed the help of musical guest, One Direction, for what was by far and away the skit that stole the night.

In it, Rudd plays "Dan Charles," One Direction's #1 fan who is able to out-sass any 9-year-old girl that may get in his way in-line to nab a signature from the boys.

Watch the funnyman quiz teenie bopper fans on their 1D knowledge, braid hair and generally creep out everyone around him.

The boys play incredible straight men in the last scene that begs to be replayed, well, at least 14 times.

After we were done watching Dan Charles do his thing for the 12th time, we couldn't help but wonder what he'd score on our very own "Ultimate One Direction Trivia Quiz?"

Seriously, would he even know the meaning behind Zayn's Arabic collarbone tattoo?!!!

OK, so we may have been maybe-sorta-kinda laughing with Dan as opposed to at him…