December 8, 2013


Jamie Lynn Spears Shows Sisterly Love With Britney Cover

Jamie Lynn Spears has been hard at work recently trying to move beyond the shadow of big sis, Britney, and that whole 16 and pregnant thing.

But the now 22-year-old aspiring country singer (smartly) seems to realize that avoiding the connection to her infinitely more famous sister won't really get her anywhere. Thus, instead of flying completely under the Brit Brit radar, she recently paid homage instead and covered one of her kin's greatest hits.

At a performance at Eddie's Attic in Decatur, Georgia, Jamie Lynn launched into "Oops I did It Again" during a performance of her new song, "Ms. Mississippi."

The audience flipped the second Jamie let out the unmistakable "Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah." She performed a few bars from the millennial mega-hit—never stepping away from her lilting, country twang—and then finished up her original song.

But while Brit's sis does a terrific job with "Oops," honestly, the best part about the performance was "Ms. Mississippi" itself.

It's a haunting, goose-bump educing ballad (with some off the hook banjo licks) that can certainly stand proudly as a solid tune all on its own.

Not to mention, Jamie's got a surprisingly decent set of pipes.

At the end of the song, she throws out more sisterly love in what is possibly the most adorable Louisiana accent in existence:

"You gotta throw it back to your sister at some point, right?

"My sister's been a big influence on my life, so of course you gotta throw it back to her," she added. "So a big round of applause for my sister."

Gosh darn it, Jamie! Our hearts just grew three sizes.

You can check out more sweet sounds from Miss Jamie Lynn Spears here. And here's hoping for an album drop in the new year!