November 5, 2013


Monsters Pull a Drive-By Shooting on Ty Segall in "The Man Man" Video

San Francisco garage rock whiz Ty Segall nodded to the opening sequence of Rocky Horror Picture Show with his foot fetish-filled "Thank God for Sinners" video, and now he's honoring grindhouse-style flicks with his clip for "The Man Man." Dude loves his kitschy horror films, eh?

In the video, gun-weilding monsters roll around in a vintage car on the hunt for Segall, who is later caught on his own doorstep returning from the grocery store. The clip has a grainy, moonlit horror flick quality, not unlike The Evil Dead series. The acoustic, catchy jam from Segall's new LP, Sleeper, is a spooky accompaniment to the blood-filled conclusion.

While Segall is swapping electric fuzz for acoustic psychedelia on Sleeper, he's cranking up the volume in his new side-project, the aptly-titled Fuzz. The band recently released their self-titled debut album; listen to the Black Sabbath-indebted track "What's In My Head" now