November 18, 2013


Premiere: Giant Booger Stars in The Dodos Animated "Transformer" Video

Beware, nose pickers—you know who you are!

In the new music video for "Transformer," by San Francisco indie duo the Dodos, gold-diggers (wink, wink) learn a frightening and memorable lesson: Your nose will return for vengeance! Watch the clip above, exclusively premiered on Fuse, to witness the full wrath of the shnoz.

With its strummed acoustic guitars, ringing electric riffs and vocal harmonies from frontman Meric Long, the track from the band's new fifth album Carrier conjures mystic mountaintops. Which makes the visuals all the more interesting. 

Drawn and directed by Spencer Hicks and animated by Jess Wheelock, the cartoon character sulks about his log cabin, picking a giant booger until his worst nightmare comes true: He's soon under siege by noses dressed in suits and umbrella-like hats (yeah, it's trippy). Let's just say they eventually get what they came to, er, sniff out.