November 5, 2013


Hang Out Backstage in London With Paramore in "Daydreaming" Video

Purist Paramore fans awaiting Hayley Williams' return to the Tennessee pop-punk band following "Stay the Night," her EDM foray with Zedd, are being rewarded for their patience. The rock trio just unleashed a video for "Daydreaming," the new single from their self-titled fourth album.

"Daydreaming" bring Paramore to London, combining concert footage from a performance at Wembley Stadium with a staged narrative about two girls who take an impromptu trip to Great Britain and sneak backstage to see Paramore.

The storyline segment of the video is fine, but the backstage footage of Paramore prepping to hit the stage is the real treat for fans. There's cute footage of the band goofing (1:37 mark) and knocking heads in a group hug (1:54), but it goes by fast, so don't blink.

And if you want to get an even closer look at the band, you might want to start saving up for the PARAHOY! cruise from Miami to the Bahamas that sets sail this March.