November 22, 2013


Kings of Leon's "Beautiful War" Video Is an Epic Southern Tragedy

It doesn't get much more Kings of Leon-y than this: The video for the Followill clan's seven-minute-long slow-burner "Beautiful War"—itself an utter Kings of Leon-y name—is a country tragedy, complete with beers, Southern belles, bull riding, county jail and a slice of redemption.

It starts with a longhaired, button-up badass hitting the local bar and bowling alley. He dances with his lady but after a few beers is caught flirting with another girl at the bar. In fit of jealousy, his main squeeze heads to the mechanical bull—the name of Kings of Leon's new album—and shakes it for the crowd. A fight between her brother and boyfriend ensues and ultimately ends in tragedy, with our badass behind bars (not without his cowboy hat, though). 

A moment of redemption, however, is delivered in a prison yard bull ride—where else? It's eight seconds of glory set to atmospheric, whiskey-soaked, U2-like drama as only KOL can deliver it. Watch above.