August 8, 2013


Ciara Says New Single "I'm Out" ft. Nicki Minaj Celebrates Independent Women

After a four-year absence, Ciara returned to the pop charts with her ode to sexy time "Body Party," but the Atlanta native switches gears on "I'm Out," the second single from her just-released fifth album, Ciara. The track, featuring Nicki Minaj, is all about empowering the ladies.

Ciara hopes the track teaches young girls learn to "celebrate yourself and your value of who you are as a woman." 

"Yes, you can be going through a breakup, but it doesn't have to be sad," she tells Fuse, referencing the song's lyrics: "How much you wanna bet me? He gonna regret the day he left me? / We're celebratin' our breakin' up!"

And to make that message hit hard, the 27-year-old singer recruited one of hardest lady MCs in the game: Nicki Minaj. CiCi says the rapper "literally murdered that verse," adding "it goes down as one of the best female rap verses of all time to me."

Watch the full interview above for more on the song's creation and to get Ciara's thoughts on twerking and more. Then watch the music video for "I'm Out" below.