July 30, 2013


Solange Sang Nivea's "Laundromat" in a Real-Life Laundromat Last Night

Last night in the cramped interior of a real-life Brooklyn laundromat, Solange Knowles delivered a deliriously joyous concert for a crowd of about 150 people. The latest (and most inspired) entry in vitaminwater's "Make Boring Brilliant" campaign turned the site of life's most depressing chore into a neon-hued party starring the indie darling of R&B and hosted by Hot 97's Miss Info.

After a set that found Solange playing most of her True EP and dancing atop a row of washing machines—("This laundromat has me feeling the drama queen, so excuse my theatrics," she explained)—the younger Knowles sister took a brief pause.

"If this b-tch does 'Laundromat,' I don't even know…" someone in the audience said exactly 10 seconds before Solange and her band actually began playing the opening chords of Nivea's 2002 duet with R. Kelly. The girl's response was simply a hushed, reverent, "I love her."

Even though her band had practiced the song for the first time just five minute before hitting the stage, they adapted it to suit Solange's casually funky vibe perfectly. After cooing the throwback track for about a minute and a half, they switched over to her lauded cover of the Dirty Projectors' "Stillness Is the Move." And then for the long-time fans, she wrapped the set up with her 2008 gem "Sandcastle Disco."

Following the set, Solange sat down for an interview with Miss Info and revealed she's moving from her adopted home of Brooklyn to New Orleans in the near future, which means her upcoming third full-length will be written in New York state but recorded down in Louisiana.

Although Solange said it's too early to describe her new album—she just started writing material for it last week in Long Island—she did reveal she's working with Dirty Projectors mastermind Dave Longstreth in some capacity for the LP.

She also explained how the need to ground 8-year-old son, who has thus far spent much of his life on tour, played into her recent decision to cancel her upcoming tour dates. We'll post video of that interview when it's available. Until then, relieve the glory of Nivea & R. Kelly's "Laundromat" below.