May 14, 2013


Exclusive Premiere: DeStorm's "F.A.K.E." Video ft. Talib Kweli

Following its debut on tonight's episode of Fuse News, we're stoked to exclusively host DeStorm's "F.A.K.E." video featuring the one and only Talib Kweli.

This killer collabo between the viral rapper and the legendary lyricist takes aim at people who misrepresent themselves in this world. An acronym for "False Advertising Killing Expectations," this track details those who lie to get what they want—which DeStorm himself admits he's not always above. 

"Living in L.A., you get a lot of people that are fake," DeStorm tells Fuse News. "And I lie here and there, but a lot of times I go out and I see guys talking to girls and they're like, 'Yeah girl, I just got this big movie script,' and I’m like, 'No you didn't!' Then next thing you know the girl’s leaving with him and I’m like, 'Wow! This dude is fake.' It's his hustle, but it’s still fake. That's what my verse was touching on, but I do it sometimes my damn self, so...."

As for Kweli's fiery addition to the finger-snap-heavy song, DeStorm says the Black Star MC added his verse in no time. "Once he heard the hook I asked him, 'Do you need me to send my verse so you know what it's all about?' And he was like, 'Nah, I got this.' And he literally sent it right back to me and it was done."

Watch DeStorm and Kweli getting down in the studio together in the "F.A.K.E." video above.