February 5, 2013


French Montana Compares Diddy & Rick Ross to Basketball Legends

Seemingly overnight, French Montana has become a major force in the rap game. His upcoming album, Pardon My French, is executive produced by Diddy and Rick Ross, who work together like basketball pros, says Montana.

"Puff and Rozay got a special relationship," Montana says. "They’re like Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen... [with] the chemistry they got. I’m from New York, Puff from New York. Rozay is my brother. So I just wanted to make that marriage work and I made it work."

But despite the star guests, the debut album is all about French Montana: "As far as creativity, it’s all me. I know music, I do music out of love, I don’t do it as a job."

Montana, whose new single "Freaks" with Nicki Minaj is coming soon, is taking further cues from Puff and Rozay by slowly evolving into a mogul himself, parlaying his music into other ventures. So don't be surprised to see a French Montana vodka or clothing line soon.

"Rap is like a platform to get anything done you want to get done," he explains. "You’re almost like a walking billboard. Whatever the kids see you wear, they want to wear, whatever the kids see you talk about, they want to do."