February 7, 2013


Fall Out Boy Talk Secret Reunion & 2 Chainz Collabo

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Fuse recently caught up with Chicago emo rockers Fall Out Boy, who just reunited for the quartet's first concerts in three years (read Fuse's live report). Here the Boys talk about keeping their reunion a secret, working with 2 Chainz on their new music video and recording their new album, Save Rock And Roll.

On the Secret Reunion: "We don't just want to run off the steam we had forever ago," said frontman Patrick Stump. "We love that that's part of our history. But we still want to make art that matters.... [And] it was a benefit to the process that we did it all in secret. It's really difficult to figure yourself out under a magnifying glass, so doing this we were able to figure out something that's completely different, without having the world leering over our shoulder. It was a fragile process, relearning how we interact with each other. And the first song people heard had to be what we considered our best song. That was a big weight that we put on ourselves."

On 2 Chainz's Appearance in New Video: "We had to meet in this place that no paparazzi could come," says bassist Pete Wentz. "I took a picture with him and it was posted online. The [fans] were like, 'That's not happening.' But we're on the same record label [so it worked out]. There are ideas being tossed back and forth, like remixes, so there will be more to Fall Out Boy and 2 Chainz. I promise."

On Working With Producer Butch Walker on New LP: "We needed to have the old way Fall Out Boy was done put back together for 2013, and Butch was the man to do it," says Wentz. Adds Stump, "Butch is a very strong personality. He'll push back. He puts his foot down. Sometimes he puts his foot down for my idea, other times he put his foot down against my idea. It helps with the collaborative elements, because he can see the forrest through the trees."

Adds guitarist Joe Trohman, "Every mistake that was made up until now was necessary for us to be here."