February 20, 2013


Billy Corgan Hypes Wrestling Company in Oddball Furniture Ad

Since this joke (?) TV commercial hyping both a furniture line and Billy Corgan's wrestling company dropped this morning, everyone's all, "That Corgan, he's so freakin' weird." Yes, indeed—he's want to promoting spirituality online, writing bad poetry, dissing everyone and everything, calling pop music porn, et al. But stop the insults: this video is hilarious/genius.

Just from the YouTube video's screen shot of a slyly mugging Corgan, it's clear that self-promotion at its weirdest and most kitschy is close to his heart. And guess what? Fuse (and the rest of the music press) is naturally eating it up, some with more confusion and insults than others. But get this: dissing Corgan—a bonafide alt-rock genius, whose experimenting a bit with his passions in his middle years—is the lowest-hanging fruit in music journalism. 

So, kudos to you Señor Corgan, for not being boring and fading away, and instead continuing to produce underrated albums, promoting wrestling and saving chairs from certain destruction because... why not? Walter E. Smithe, owner of the furniture company, must be stoked, right? Also: That cardigan!