December 6, 2012


Jermaine Dupri Has a Stripper Pole in His Studio

When Fuse went down to Atlanta to interview Jermaine Dupri for Crate Diggers, we got a bonus tour of the hip hop mogul's So So Def studio. There were a few surprises, namely a full sized stripper pole.

"I wanted to make sure we could have what's in the club so we could bring the party here," he tells us. "What's crazy about this is every women that comes in here wants to get on it. It's like a magnet. They just want to get up there and see what happens. If I leave girls in here and walk out, I'll come back and they'll be up on the pole, doing all kinds of crazy things."

Keeping with the club theme, Dupri has an impressive collection of empty Ace of Spades champagne bottles. "Each night I would come home with a bottle," he says, pointing to shelf covered with several dozen bottles."Boom. Boom. Boom. I collect them."

On a more family friendly note, Dupri collects action figures. Most are musicians, including toy-sized versions of Outkast, Richie Sambora and the Beastie Boys. "The Beastie Boys cost $2,500," he says, non-chalantly "So I bought two."

For more, including information about Durpi's basketball court, check out the full interview above.