November 19, 2012


The Joy Formidable on the "Scary Eroticism" of Opening for Muse

With their second album Wolf's Law coming out January 22 and nine arena tour dates with Muse under their belt, the Joy Formidable sat down with Fuse to talk about playing arenas vs. barns and why they think Muse chose them as an opening act.

"I like to think we came to Muse in a dream," says drummer Matt Thomas. "The dream was slightly scary, and maybe a tad erotic. I don't think it happened, but that's what I like to think." Frontwoman Ritzy Bryan asks for clarification: "They had some sort of premonition?" "Yeah," he replies. Bryan, however, doesn't seem convinced.

Regardless of how it came about, opening for Muse's European tour afforded the Welsh rock outfit the opportunity to play a startling variety of venues. 

"This arena tour completely contrasted with other shows we've been playing," says Bryan. "We went back to North Wales and did an intimate, special hometown show in a barn full of chickens and geese. They f—king loved it."

To hear the band's impersonation of a duck quacking for an encore, watch the video above.