September 19, 2012


Watch: Werner Herzog's Herzogian Mini-Documentary About the Killers

Werner Herzog is one of the best documentary film makers alive because of his ability to tease out the strange and surreal from almost any subject. He does it again with his latest focus, the Killers, who, up to this point, weren't exactly known for their weirdness. In this seven minute trailer for the Killers' live-streamed show last night at the Paradise Theater in the Bronx, Herzog filmed three of the four Killers driving around their native Las Vegas and the nearby desert. The result is excellent, somehow managing to put the Killers' distinct but derivative vibe into clearer perspective.

Watch the video above, and be sure to check out the stream of the Killer's concert last night, which is running on YouTube until 7 PM tonight.

Related: the Killers' new album, Battle Born, was released yesterday.