September 27, 2012


Grizzly Bear Portray "Beautiful Mental Breakdown" in "Yet Again" Video

When we asked Grizzly Bear about the video for their single "Yet Again," they told us it was about "a disgruntled teen on ice skates that falls through the ice and goes through a mental breakdown, but it’s beautiful." When I heard that, I almost thought they were kidding, but as evidenced by the recently-released clip for the moody, intense rocker, they were just telling it like it is.

"Yet Again" finds an figure-skating girl crashing through the arena ice only to emerge from a lake in the middle of the woods. After wandering through a frightening carnival (but aren't all carnivals frightening, really?) she meets some strangers in the woods and eventually goes bonkers. As singer/guitarist Daniel Rossen tells us, "This is how we win over the kids and make the hits."

Watch the disturbing but weirdly lovely clip above, and to hear Rossen and drummer Chris Bear talk about the making of the video, check out our Fuse Music Week interview with the Brooklyn indie rockers at Radio City.