September 25, 2012


Grizzly Bear Talk Radio City Show, "Yet Again" Video Details

When we spoke to Brooklyn's experimental indie-pop darlings Grizzly Bear at Radio City Music Hall before their illuminating show for Fuse Music Week, members Daniel Rossen and Chris Bear promised something profound at the historic venue. "We have a special lighting show," Bear tells Yasmine Richard. "We’re going to bring some creatures to life on stage."""

"They’re a little ominous," adds Rossen. "They’re beautiful. They’re like floating lit jellyfish. They’re unsettling."

The group told Richard about the influence that recording in Cape Cod had on their sound, specifically the yellow house that inspired their new album Shields (and one titular album). “It’s a special place," Bear says. "We’ve gone back there many times dating back to right before our very first tour and using it as a rehearsal space. It’s just always been a very positive energy there with beautiful surroundings."

Bear and Rossen also shared details of their next video for the propulsive single "Yet Again," set for release later this week. “There’s a disgruntled teen on ice skates that falls through the ice and goes through a mental breakdown, but it’s beautiful," Rossen says, adding sarcastically, "This is how we win over the kids and make the hits."

Check out the full video above.