February 21, 2020


Future Black History: Your Guide to Black-Owned Legacy Labels

It's no mystery that when it comes to fashion, Black creatives and styles have had a lot of influence. As part of Future Black History, every Friday we'll be showcasing Black fashion through the years. Today, we're highlighting Black brands that created the concept of urban fashion, serving a community of their own, and paving the way for modern streetstyle, only to make their big return over a decade later! 

#1Cross Colours

Initially started in 1989, Cross Colours has prided itself on producing "clothes without prejudices." The brand, which helped focus street fashion on Black youth, used slogans like "Stop D Violence" and "Educate 2 Elevate" to broadcast and promote sociopolitical issues. In 2014, the brand relaunched with a combination of new pieces and retro pieces that carry their infamous green, yellow, and black logo.

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