February 4, 2019


WTF Baron Davis Episode 4 Recap: Close Kombat

When it comes to new opportunities, they say, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” No matter what industry you’re in, networking is everything. Business. Marketing. Food service. Mens fragrance or gaming? Yep those too, as we find out in the latest episode of WTF Baron Davis.

The episode opens with Kenny, a fighting game savant, kicking Baron’s ass in Mortal Kombat only to be interrupted by his domineering and greedy father Levante (a delightful guest appearance by the one and only Flava Flav!). Ron and Baron realize that Levante is taking advantage of his son’s fortune, and so they propose Kenny take on a side hustle: underground competitive gaming. 

Meanwhile Zoe informs B-Dot that she has a potential investor for Ball Out: Preacher Carl (Lamorne Morris), a self-help guru from the Oprah network who only invests in “positive and good” people, which is certainly a stretch for B-Dot. As B-Dot and Zoe take off for the pitch, Baron wishes them good luck and tells them to say hi to Preacher Carl for him as the two of them go way back.

Baron, Ron, and Kenny show up to an underground gaming ring (a couple couches and a TV in an empty garage), where Kenny proceeds to whoop every single person he’s up against without even batting a lash—until a menacing woman named Donyelle shows up. When Kenny is the only person willing to play against her, everyone in the room begs him to lose, for fear of Donyelle’s wrath. (Apparently she’s a fatally sore loser.) But it’s too late, and Kenny summarily owns Donyelle, leading to an unexpected reaction from the woman who everyone expected to straight up murder Kenny. 

Somehow B-Dot’s Ball Out pitch with Preacher Carl goes perfectly. Preacher Carl is ready to draw up paperwork and get the partnership going, and B-Dot and Zoe couldn’t be more thrilled. But when B-Dot passes on Baron’s well wishes, the mood suddenly changes. Turns out, Baron and Preacher Carl do go way back, but unfortunately not in the good way. Preacher Carl goes off in an expletive-laced tirade against Baron Davis who he also compares to Satan. He calls off the Ball Out investment and ejects B-Dot and Zoe from his office. So B-Dot is back at square one, and once again, it’s all thanks to Baron Davis. 

Who took Ws: 

Kenny for being the King of Mortal Kombat

Who took Ls: 

B-Dot because yikes

Zoe because B-dot

Donyelle technically