December 24, 2019


Fuse Faves 2019: This Year's Biggest Fashion Moment

2019 was a huge year for fashion. While we saw more racial and age diversity on the runway than ever before, we also confronted the real cost of our favorite fast fashion labels. But this year was defined by inclusivity, whether in the form of celebrating body positivity, reclaiming nostalgia, incorporating queer culture, or proving once and for all that anyone can join the yee-haw agenda. Here are our favorite fashion moments from 2019. 

#1(Almost) 20 Years of THAT dress

On February 23, 2000, Jennifer Lopez arrived at the 42nd Grammy Awards in a green chiffon dress with a neckline that redefined “plunging.” The look immediately gained widespread media coverage, and is credited with leading to the creation of Google’s Image Search. In a word, the look was iconic. 19 years later, JLo brought The Dress back at this year’s Milan Fashion Week, where she walked the Versace show. 

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