April 19, 2018


Vanessa Carlton Keeps Slaying the Cover Game With a Gorgeous Take on Fleetwood Mac: Premiere

After blowing up Twitter with her breezy and folky take on Robyn's beloved "Call Your Girlfriend," Vanessa Carlton returns to woo again with her latest cover. Fuse is proud to premiere the singer-songwriter-pianist's rendition of Fleetwood Mac's 1977 No. 1 hit "Dreams."

From the opening notes, the listener hears the instantly recognizable Fleetwood Mac production that soon gets graced by Vanessa's airy vocals. The live instrumentation and dreamy delivery recalls the singer-songwriter-pianist's more recent released albums like 2011's underrated Rabbits on the Run and 2015's Liberman, both of which the singer has said reflect her better as an artist. Listen to it first on Fuse. 

The singer—whose 2013 wedding ceremony to Deer Tick's John McCauley was officiated by Fleetwood Mac's very own Stevie Nicks—told Fuse about her inspiration in recording and creating the track:

"I feel like a lot of people don’t attempt to cover Fleetwood Mac because the personality of these songs are so distinct. I admit, I was terrified to do this, but I sang 'Dreams' on stage at a BMI event honoring Stevie Nicks. I was seven-weeks pregnant at the time. No one knew. I got to sing the song with Stevie's band which was pretty great. Waddy Wachtel, the musical director gave me 'the nod' during rehearsal which, I think, meant he approved. Or at least I’m praying that’s what it meant.

"I knew the only way I could honor this song was to get an amazing band. My friend Patrick Hallahan (of My Morning Jacket) is one of my favorite drummers. He lives in Louisville and despite being super busy, woke up early, drove to Nashville, played the song and drove home. All before noon. The gorgeous harmonies were done by the Watson Twins, Nashville locals who are also from Louisville. And the guitars were all done by Adam Landry, who also produced the track. We sent the song to Stevie for approval, and we got the seal. Dream team!"

Look out for more covers coming from Carlton through the coming months. For now, watch a classic Fuse interview with Fleetwood Mac where they discussed today's music scene: