March 1, 2018


Iggy Azalea's Religion-Themed 'Savior' Video Could Jumpstart the Proper Comeback She Needs

Iggy Azalea isn't letting any of her previous music setbacks get in the way of her comeback this year, and her video for new single "Savior" may be the step in the right direction.

The rapper saunters throughout a dimly-lit church, looking absolutely gorgeous in outfits emblazoned with holographic crystals, a black lace dress with a neon halo and a fitted aqua bustier. Is the concept a little too on the nose with the song's theme? Possibly, as it centers on general religious themes. But it is definitely more innovative than if Azalea tried to shoot the video on a tropical island somewhere, which would be more appropriative due to the island-themed production on "Savior." While the song itself features Quavo, the Migos member doesn't actually appear in the video. There are moment where you think he'll pop up under a cloak or playing the piano, but it's all just a tease. In any case, the "Savior" video is visually stunning and is just what Azalea needs to retake control of her career.

The last time Azalea was on the Billboard Hot 100 was two years ago, when "Team" peaked at a lowly No. 42 on the charts and was certified Gold. She attempted to make a proper return last year with two singles: the booty-shaking "Mo Bounce" and the unexciting "Switch" with Brazilian star Anitta. The latter didn't even receive an official music video after an unfinished version was leaked, and both songs failed to enter the Billboard Hot 100. Azalea was trying to promote her sophomore album, then titled Digital Distortion, but with these blows it was not worth it.

She seems to be more confident with "Savior" though, after accepting her past mistakes both in her personal and professional life and wanting to finally grow from them. Azalea explained to fans on Twitter that she feels "it's important to create platforms where we can be honest about our experiences and our ups and downs battling the demons we all have, be humbled by our faults and grow stronger and find power in speaking them aloud."

Digital Distortion was scrapped entirely last year, and now Azalea is focusing on her new record Surviving the Summer, which could be a reference to all of her unfortunate mishaps last year. But this new "Savior" single is a catchy one, and having a feature from Quavo (whose presence often leads to Top 10 hits) could possibly take it further on the charts and radio than many of Azalea's previous singles. Her debut album The New Classic was released four years ago, so now is the time to focus on sticking around in this music business before permanently fading away.

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