February 14, 2018


4 Things We Need From Camila Cabello's First Solo Tour

Karwai Tang/WireImage
Karwai Tang/WireImage

Early this morning (February 14), Camila Cabello let the news slip that she’s finally heading out on tour for her first solo nationwide trek, and her most ardent fans have been freaking out ever since. The “Havana” chanteuse is already wildly successful, both as a member of Fifth Harmony and on her own, but she still has a lot to prove at the shows she’s headlining this spring and summer. 

These concerts are bound to be a lot of fun, but if Cabello really wants to blow everyone away and define herself as a force of nature and a top-notch entertainer, the following four things should be featured at every single show.

While Cabello is undoubtedly an interesting figure in the pop music world worth watching and listening to, she still has a long way to go when it comes to certifying herself as a talent on par with the best in the business. Her No. 1 album and song (at the same time, no less) is certainly impressive, but numbers don’t necessarily equal talent, and if she wants to win over naysayers and critics, a spectacular performance on the road would be a great way of doing so.

The first woman to leave Fifth Harmony isn’t known for her powerhouse vocals, and those skills can take years to develop, so perhaps for her tour, which begins in just two months, she could focus on killing it when it comes to the choreography. Her fans (and anyone who has turned on Top 40 pop radio recently) knows what the songs will sound like, but what they can't get anywhere is excellent dancing. Some eye-catching choreography performed to the best of her ability every night would really make her concerts worth buying a ticket to.

Playing to thousands of people on your own is no easy task, even for those who have been doing so for years. Since this is her first outing as a solo artist and she doesn’t have a vast catalog of massive hits to pull from, Cabello could spice things up by bringing out special guests at a number of her shows, if not all of them.

She could call on her friends Shawn Mendes (“I Know What You Did Last Summer”), Machine Gun Kelly (“Bad Things”), Young Thug (“Havana”), Major Lazer (“Know No Better”), Quavo (“OMG”), or several others to duet with her on popular tunes, which would not only delight those in attendance, but which would be filmed and shared across the web, further creating excitement and demand for tickets.

Fifth Harmony Tracks
Of the four items on this list, this is the one that is least likely to actually happen, and it’s definitely a stretch...but secretly, it’s what everyone buying a ticket to one of her concerts is hoping for. Since departing the vocal group that made her a star, Cabello hasn’t spoken about Fifth Harmony much, and she’s probably not going to change that anytime soon. She wants the focus to be on her own material and not the hits that helped her get to where she is, but including some of them, or perhaps even just a medley of the best-known singles, would be a fantastic moment of fan service, and it would truly make everyone in attendance so much happier they made it to the concert.

A Special Cover
As I mentioned above, Cabello doesn’t have a ton of material to perform of her own, and despite what we’re hoping for, Fifth Harmony’s discography likely won’t be present...if she plays any of it at all. She might include some of her collaborations with other acts, but those can be difficult to pull off if the other act isn't in the room.

If she wants to pad her setlist and include something fun, the singer could tack on a cover or two, which often liven up even already-exciting shows. Cabello could either stick with one or two well-known tunes, or swap in a new one every night, depending on how committed she is to the idea.

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