February 16, 2018


The Chainsmokers Have Blood on Their Hands in New 'You Owe Me' Video: Watch

Just a few weeks after returning with their recent single “Sick Boy,” former EDM powerhouses The Chainsmokers have gifted their fans with another new proper single, “You Owe Me,” which came with a disturbing video as well.

The just-released tune is tough to classify as there is very little about the tune that screams “EDM,” and those who clicked play in the hopes of hearing a big drop need to wait until the song is nearly over for something that comes even close to what they'd expect from the duo. The production relies on a soft horn and a repetitive guitar chord, which further proves that the chart-topping pair has decided to try something new this time around, trading festival-ready beats for something that sounds like it was crafted by a band and not a computer. Still, the whole thing is rather muted, which is the one thing a song released by former party-starters The Chainsmokers should never be.

“You Owe Me” keeps the darker tone that Alex Pall and Drew Taggart first explored with January’s “Sick Boy” going, and when it comes to the video, things get much, much darker. The clip sees a blank-faced Taggart singing while he and bandmate Pall clean up their mansion and prepare for what turns out to be an intimate dinner party. Just when things seem like they’re not going anywhere (though the house does look spotless), the “drop” hits, and things get...bloody, to say the least. Watch above.

Now that both “You Owe Me” and “Sick Boy” are out, they’ve been packaged together as singles used to be years ago when they were sold on CD, and before that, vinyl. "Sick Boy...You Owe Me" serves as something like a short EP, but knowing The Chainsmokers, they probably have more music coming soon, and these two could be repackaged again onto a longer collection in just a few months.

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