February 6, 2018


Paramore's '80s-Inspired 'Rose-Colored Boy' Video Shows the Grueling Side of TV News: Watch

Paramore's music videos for their After Laughter era are some of their best yet, and the latest one continues their heartbreaking display of sad-pop. "Rose-Colored Boy," one of the fan favorites from the album, finds the group transporting to the '80s.

Hayley Williams, Taylor York and Zac Farro play a retro news reporter team who absolutely cannot stand each other. But they leave their disagreements backstage and put on a fake smile once the cameras begin rolling. But Hayley's character becomes overwhelmed with the pressures of media and comes face to face with a younger version of herself, who blatantly asks "What are you doing?"

She later has a breakdown, tossing her coffee mug into the breaker, which causes a blackout in the newsroom. The moment is similar to the iconic "I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore" speech from the 1976 Oscar-winning film Network. And be sure to watch the video to the end to see Hayley's fake smile, a moment that is worth all the awards.

"Rose-Colored Boy" follows previous singles "Fake Happy," "Hard Times" and "Told You So." In a recent New York Times interview, the band explained they've "dipped into cleaner, more rhythmic and synth-kissed textures of the ’70s and ’80s, owing to recent obsessions with Talking Heads, Tom Tom Club, Cyndi Lauper and Blondie" for the new album.

After Laughter, the band's fifth album, was released on May 12. They recently announced their jam-packed lineup for the 2018 Parahoy! cruise, which sets sail from April 6-10. Next, go back in time and watch a baby Paramore talk about their first band meeting in this 2007 clip: