February 16, 2018


Fifth Harmony's Normani Teases Khalid in 'Love Lies' Video: Watch

Update (2/16): The powerful pairing of Khalid and Normani Kordei have released the ultra-sexy video for their recent collaboration "Love Lies." The visual stars Khalid as a valet outside a hotel, and Normani pulls up and checks into their "favorite room," but not all is as it seems. It may appear that she's just waiting for him to finish his shift so he can join her, but it's actually all about the performance for her, and what a performance it is.

Update (2/14): After teasing their much-anticipated collaboration for some time now, Khalid and Normani’s “Love Lies” has finally arrived, and it’s a solid effort from both artists and a potential smash in the making.

The track is a laid-back R&B affair so mature it’s difficult to believe the artists behind it are so young and still just getting started in their respective careers. The production sounds like a natural progression for 20-year-old Khalid, who has dealt with this type of pop/R&B blend before, and it’s not far from 21-year-old Normani’s comfort zone, either. The guitar loop is a nice touch on a beat that is fairly sparse, and at times, nonexistent, and it helps this song stand out among the hundreds of other similar tracks. While it’s an enjoyable listen, the "Love Lies" never seems to reach its potential, and it stops short of becoming a real jam.

“Love Lies” stands out as particularly special in at least one regard, as it’s Normani’s first proper single under her own name. The Fifth Harmony singer has shared a few covers and fun giveaways in the past, but she’s never taken part in anything promoted as a proper single (which means a video is probably coming soon as well) without the other vocalists in Fifth Harmony right at her side.

She’s chosen to go simply by “Normani,” which seems like a great name for the next big pop star, though she’ll need to release something with a bit more pizzazz than “Love Lies” if she wants to compete on the charts. Khalid and Normani’s new single is the latest cut shared from the soon-to-be-released coming of age film Love, Simon's accompanying album. The soundtrack is set to feature a healthy mix of beloved tunes from the past (Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody [Who Loves Me]” and a Jackson 5 holiday favorite) and new tunes from some of the coolest names in the music world now (BleachersTroye Sivan, Amy Shark and, of course, Normani and Khalid).

After listening to "Love Lies" (but before heading to a theater to see Love, Simon), watch the five women that originally made up Fifth Harmony talk about their debut full-length, which feels like it was released a long time ago, even though it's only a few years old!