February 15, 2018


Future Black History: The Creators the World Is Watching Now

#1Ayo & Teo

Ayo's Instagram (2.1 million followers at press time): @ogleloo
Teo's Instagram (2.9 million followers at press time):  @shmateo

With over one million YouTube subscribers and over 300 million views notched for "Rolex," dancers Ayo & Teo have seamlessly transitioned from social media stars to platinum recording artists. After building up a dedicated online following, the Michigan-raised brothers linked up with heavy hitters like Usher and Chris Brown before ultimately dropping their own viral single. With a contagious beat and even more infectious choreography, “Rolex” had the whole country hitting the “rollie” and rocking custom, vibrant face masks. Just 21 and 18, respectively, Ayo & Teo have already proven that their impact on the industry extends far beyond just viral snippets. Having quickly translated internet fame into commercial success, the young duo has the entire world eagerly awaiting their next big moment. –Tina Xu

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