February 16, 2018


Drake's Charitable 'God's Plan' Music Video Is Pure Joy: Watch

Weeks after debuting his new single “God’s Plan” at No. 1 on charts all around the world, Drake has celebrated not with a massive party or another visual that serves as an ode to hedonism, but one that highlights the true joy that can be found in helping others.

The “God’s Plan” video opens with text explaining that Drake’s label set aside just under $1 million for the clip, and that he and his team gave all of it away. The rest of the new release documents the many ways the hip-hop superstar shared the wealth, and there isn’t a moment that goes by that doesn’t prove that while the idea is simple, the execution is perfect. 

“God’s Plan” might be Drake’s best music video, based solely on the emotions it conjures and the impact it has on the viewer. Who would have thought that a Drake music video would bring tears to people’s eyes?

Watch above as the chart-topper doles out tens of thousands of dollars every minute, writing oversized (in terms of measurements and dollar signs) checks to schools, firefighters, and a women’s shelter. But it’s not just checks he’s sharing: Drake also takes people shopping, pays for everyone’s groceries at a supermarket, gives away cars, and surprises several families by sneaking up behind them, saying hello, and handing over stacks of cash. At one point, Drake even immerses himself in an especially rowdy crowd of young fans as they dance and sing along in what must have been the moment of a lifetime for them.

Images from the various sets (if they can even be called that) of the “God’s Plan” video leaked weeks ago, as there is no way to stop all those students and recipients of gifts from snapping pics and videos on their smartphones. No matter, the actual video is much, much better than anyone's Instagram story, and the fact that some of these good deeds have already been made public doesn’t detract from the final product.

“God’s Plan” is already the No. 1 song in the country, and there’s nothing left for Drake to do with the track but wait for it to eventually slide down the chart. His latest video is a celebration of his success, his good fortune, and it’s a well-earned (and very well-spent) victory lap, just as we knew it would be. After wiping away the tears, watch why we love Drake even more with the first episode of Fuse's The Drake Effect: