February 9, 2018


Drake Trying to Hit BlocBoy JB's 'Shoot' Dance Is the Best Part of New 'Look Alive' Video

Drake has always showed love to artists on the rise, and his latest song with BlocBoy JB is another collaboration banger the Toronto guy can add to his expansive collection. 

The Memphis rapper holds his own next to Drake, controlling the pounding, piano-laden beat with his badass Southern drawl. Drake of course adds his own flair, opening the song with a boastful intensity that will remind longtime fans of his Nothing Was the Same days. "I get racks to go outside, and I split it with the guys (outside) / We up on the other side, n-ggas actin' like we tied I've been gone since like July, n-ggas actin' like I died," Drake brags. But the best part of the video occurs when Drake tries to dance, something that is always entertaining to watch!

Blocboy JB is known for his "shoot" dance, which has since gone viral. Drake previously attempted it at the club last month and hit the move once again in the video. But did he improve his skills? Or does he look like a dad trying to keep up with the kids' latest trends? You just have to watch the video for yourself to figure that one out!

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