February 13, 2018


Cardi B and Offset Add Even More Fire to Chris Jeday's 'Ahora Dice' Remix: Listen

If you haven't heard the news, Latin trap is quickly on its way to take over the mainstream world. The poppier side of the genre achieved success thanks to songs like Luis Fonsi's "Despacito," and now its grittier, younger side is ready to take over. 

Puerto Rican producer Chris Jeday's "Ahora Dice" became an international hit last year with features from Ozuna, J Balvin and Arcángel. Now it plans to gain even more steam stateside thanks to the new remix, which tacks on hip-hop's favorite couple du jour: Cardi B and Offset. Like she did with her "La Modelo" collaboration with Ozuna back in December, Cardi gets to flex her bilingual muscles once again. The half-Dominican, half-Trinidadian rap star sings in Spanish and spits in English while presumably throwing shade.

Cardi raps:

"You gon' miss grabbing this ass / Now you can miss me with them subs / You don't gotta check on me 'cause I got a check on me / I don't need nothing from nobody, not you especially / And you know that I'm the baddest, Cartier glasses, Fendi fabric / And I'm years away from basic, and I'm miles away from average / But, one thing ain't adding up to me / How you gon' mess with a bitch that look up to me, off"

Is she addressing the ongoing cheating rumors that are swirling around her fiancé Offset? One can only assume, but in any case her commanding feature brings fresh element to the song that is heavily male-centric. Offset also succeeds on the track by riding the blippy production with his signature melodic flow, but his girl is the one who steals the show!

Below, check out fellow Latin artist Nicky Jam's fresh take on Reggaeton: