January 31, 2018


The Radio DJ Who Groped Taylor Swift Is Already Back at Work

Kevin Winter/Getty Images for DIRECTV
Kevin Winter/Getty Images for DIRECTV

Last year, pop superstar Taylor Swift won a court case against radio DJ David Mueller after she accused him of groping her, but that hasn’t stopped him from finding gainful employment in the same industry just a short time later.

The DJ and on-air talent has reportedly been hired at KIX 92.7, a country-only radio station based in Greenwood, Mississippi, though he’s not spinning records under his own name. He is reportedly working again under the alias Stonewall Jackson, a name he stole from one of the most famous generals in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. That name isn’t listed under the station’s On-Air Staff (according to the company’s website), but he’s reportedly working as a co-host on the “Jackson & Jonbob" morning program.

Mueller was found guilty of groping Swift at a radio event in 2013 by a jury in Colorado last year. Swift only asked for a symbolic $1 in compensation, which she was awarded. The country-turned-pop singer claimed the inappropriate behavior years ago, and Mueller filed a lawsuit against the superstar after he lost his job due to her statement. She then filed a countersuit against him, which is the case she won in 2017.

According to the New York Daily News, the CEO of Delta Radio, which owns the station, claims he believes Mueller’s take on the situation, who says he did nothing wrong.

"I sat down with him face-to-face in Minneapolis before I offered him the job and talked to him about it. He's either the world's best liar, or he's telling the truth. I tend to believe his version of the story and most people who have talked to him face-to-face do believe his version of the story."

Swift herself has yet to comment on the situation, though her fans and many in the music industry have been vocal with their disappointment that a man convicted of a crime was allowed back into the business so quickly.

Selena Gomez spoke to Fuse about her friendship with the powerful musician in an interview you can check out below.

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