January 4, 2018


Nicki Minaj Isn't Releasing a New Album Tonight, But She Should Soon

Sean Zanni/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images
Sean Zanni/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Update (6:25 PM EST):  The same musician who kicked off the rumor that Nicki was returning tonight has admitted that the whole thing was a "joke," so it looks like the wait for a new album from Ms. Minaj continues.

Original Story: It’s been a while since Nicki Minaj has released an album, and according to at least one source, the rapper’s new collection might arrive sooner than anybody could have guessed.

Hip-hop musician Dominique Young Unique tweeted a message this morning (which was first reported by ThatGrapeJuice) that has fans debating whether new music is about to arrive in large numbers.

The rising star tweeted “I just got off the phone with @NICKIMINAJ she told me she dropping the Album today damn sis I need that 2018 Nicki in my life #Whatsgood,” which isn’t coy at all. If she is to be believed, that’s pretty solid evidence that the “MotorSport” hitmaker will gift her massive, dedicated fan base with what they’ve been waiting for.

Even if you don’t believe Unique, there are a number of reasons why it would make sense for Minaj to drop an album tonight. 

Her last full-length, The Pinkprint, was released back in December 2014, and while she’s been busy featuring on dozens of tracks fronted by other artists, it’s about time for her to get back to leading. Three years is a long break in between projects, especially for hip-hop musicians, and a new record was expected from her sometime soon anyway, so why not tonight?

If Minaj does drop her as-yet-untitled collection this evening, it will surely debut at No. 1 the following frame. There are no major releases scheduled for tomorrow, as January is typically a very quiet month for new albums, so she’d have the week all to herself. The Pinkprint failed to rule the Billboard 200 due to some intense competition when it first arrived, so it’s likely that the rapper is looking to avoid any conflicts when she finally gets around to sharing what she’s been working on.

There was speculation that a fourth album arrive at some point in mid-2017, as Minaj dropped a trio of new singles—“No Frauds (ft.  Drake and  Lil Wayne),” “Changed It (with Wayne),” and her solo cut “Regret in Your Tears”—but nothing followed, and the three songs eventually drifted off the charts. It appears that those tracks didn’t herald a new period of chart dominance, but rather just a momentary burst of creativity.

Even if Minaj doesn’t end up releasing her new album tonight, it likely won’t be much longer before the most successful female hip-hop artist of all time kicks off a new era (though Dominque Young Unique will have some explaining to do), so keep your eyes peeled for news from one of the greatest that has ever lived.

As we wait to hear if she'll surprise-release a full album tonight, look back at the chart-topper discuss one of her early hits, "Right Thru Me," which was surprising to many who had been listening to her for years.