February 8, 2018


Maroon 5's 'Wait' Video is a Stunner (Even if the Song Isn't)

Update (2/8): Maroon 5 (but really just Adam Levine, who is the only band member visible in this latest production) released the video for new single "Wait" today, though sadly, they dropped the rapped verse by A Boogie wit da Hoodie, who helped make the track a bit more interesting. The Dave Meyers-directed clip features the pop group's frontman pining after a woman he has clearly burned, and by the end, he accepts his fate as one who has lost his love. 

The special effects-heavy treatment is technically thrilling and truly a visual wonder, but that clearly has more to do with the team behind the production than the band, and if "Wait" does become a charting hit, Levine and company will surely have Meyers and the many technicians and artists who brought this vision to life to thank.

Original Story (1/26): In an effort to keep their new album selling and their names on the charts, Maroon 5 has dropped a new remixed take on their single “Wait,” and the newly-released take follows a pattern the poppy outfit has stuck to for the entirety of this campaign.

The song is an easy-to-enjoy, if especially vanilla and bland, offering from a band that has mostly given up their instruments in favor or the type of Top 40-reaching, radio-ready production that comes from some of the most sought-after hitmakers in the business, who seem more than happy to work with Adam Levine and his musicians.

The chorus is catchy enough, though it doesn’t impact the listener quite as intensely as their previous few releases, and is certainly not nearly as effective as some of their past singles, which are still beloved to this day.

“Wait” serves as the fourth song featured on the band’s most recent album Red Pill Blues. Now that up-and-coming hip-hop artist A Boogie wit da Hoodie has added a verse of his own towards the end of the track, the cut has become slightly more interesting, and it’s sure to rise on the charts in the coming weeks, possibly even becoming another true hit for the group.

With A Boogie on the track, “Wait” is now the fourth Maroon 5 single in a row to bring another artist on board in order to brighten things up and add another dimension that Levine and company can’t muster themselves. Most of the time they’ve gone for hip-hop artists, though once the featured guest leaned more towards R&B or pop. Either way, this era of Maroon 5's time together has featured more collaborations with musicians of color than any other.

First up in this phase of the group’s career was “Don’t Wanna Know,” the tropical pop single that featured  Kendrick Lamar. His verse was particularly enjoyable, and his presence helped them bolt into the top 10. Next up, they partnered with Future for “Cold,” which was followed several months later by “What Lovers Do,” another top 10, which featured SZA. While they weren't released as proper singles, fellow Red Pill Blues album tracks "Whiskey" and "Who I Am" also feature hip-hop musicians A$AP Rocky and Lunchmoney Lewis, proving the interest in the genre is strong this time around.

Working with Maroon 5 is a great business decision for these artists, and for names like SZA and A Boogie, it brought them to heights on the Hot 100 they had previously never known. These songs might not be the best of either artist's careers, but a hit is a hit, and it will be interesting to see how much longer Maroon 5 keeps this streak (and this practice) going.

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