January 24, 2018


Lily Allen Returns With More Hip-Hop on New Single 'Trigger Bang': Listen

After a several-year-long hiatus during which she spent some much-needed time off with her family, Lily Allen has returned to music with a new video for her latest single, “Trigger Bang.”

The track sees Allen, one of the most popular pop stars in the U.K., diving even deeper into hip-hop, which she touched on with her last album Sheezus. This time around, she’s invited fellow British artist Giggs to join her on the cut, and he opens the track with a verse spoken in his especially-English accent. Giggs is one of the hottest up-and-coming names across the pond, and his presence signifies that he might be about to raise his profile even higher.

Allen carries the rest of the song on her own, from the chorus to the later verses, and her low energy matches the simple beat behind her. There’s not a lot about the song that could be properly called “pop,” but that’s what the singer has been doing for a few years now, and she seems happy to continue down this road.

Allen might be primarily known as a chart-topping alt-pop singer, but the last era of her career saw her show interest in hip-hop, though she didn’t indulge too much to begin with. Lead Sheezus single “Hard Out Here” interpolated the Oscar-winning Three 6 Mafia song “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp,” while promo cut “Sheezus” was produced by hip-hop powerhouse DJ Dahi, who has previously worked with the likes of  Big Sean and Ty Dolla $ign, and Pusha T on big songs.

While fans are surely glad to have Allen back, “Trigger Bang” doesn’t quite feel big enough to serve as a “comeback” single. From the song itself to the video released today, it all feels like the tune should be labeled a promotional single, or perhaps just a fan favorite album track. Knowing Allen, she likely has at least one or two bangers on the way, as she has just announced her fourth full-length album No Shame will be out this summer.

If she continues to make music that leans in the hip-hop direction, partnering with figures who have built their names in that field, such as Giggs, is a good idea, and she can fuse pop into the mix to create a serious hit if she does it right.

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