January 5, 2018


Liam Payne and Rita Ora Nail Their 'Fifty Shades' Single 'For You': Listen

British singers Rita Ora and Liam Payne are two of the most popular stars churning out radio-ready pop these days, so when they get together for a project, it’s sure to be something worth listening to. The singers teamed up to launch the lead single from the third and final Fifty Shades film, and thankfully, they didn’t blow it.

“For You” is everything it needed to be in order to finish off a series that will perhaps be remembered more as a conduit for successful pop hits than for the sex that appeared on silver screens across the country. It’s production is big, but not too massive for Payne's limited vocal range to handle. The song reaches far enough to be interesting and noteworthy, but sonically, it’s not a true risk. “For You” is ambitious, but not dangerous, and while the music ends up shining brighter than even the two stars attached, it gets the job done and offers a satisfactory climax.

The just-released cut continues a hot streak that Ora has been on for six months which has featured electro-pop jams like “Anywhere” and “Your Song,” and it just might be the best thing Payne has ever released during his short solo career.

Ora and Payne had a lot to live up to, as the Fifty Shades series has recruited some of the biggest names in the music business and launched several series smashes. The first film’s soundtrack produced Ellie Goulding’s “Love Me Like You Do,” her biggest hit yet, and then immediately kept things going with The Weeknd’s “Earned It,” which ended up earning him an Academy Award nomination.

The second soundtrack went to No. 1, and produced a major hit with Taylor Swift and Zayn’s “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever,” which stalled just shy of becoming another chart-topper for the pair.

It’s tough to predict if Ora and Payne will chart as high as their predecessors, but "For You" does a great job of starting 2018 off right, and hopefully the latest from the two Brits whip a few other pop singers into shape and show them how a great soundtrack cut is done.